Choosing a penis sleeve: how do you go about making the best choice ?

Since the dawn of time, sexual pleasure has been a concern for all couples. This is due to the inability of men to satisfy their partners because of the size of their penis. To alleviate this problem, penis sleeves have been developed to increase the size and circumference of the penis. Read on for advice on choosing the right accessory.

Consider the size of the penis sleeve

Penis sleeves are sex objects in the shape of a penis, as can be seen at They are manufactured in a range of sizes to suit the size of each man's penis. To enable it to fit snugly over your penis, the penis sleeve must be the same circumference as your phallus. This means it will fit snugly and won't come off during intercourse.  

If your partner likes a long penis, you'll need to opt for a sleeve that's large in size, but whose circumference is in harmony with your penis. If it's the thickness of your penis that's the problem, you'll need to opt for a sleeve with a slightly larger circumference to guarantee your partner an orgasm.

The material used to manufacture the penis sleeve

Several materials are used in the manufacture of penis sleeves, each with its own characteristics. Silicone, for example, is a popular choice for penis sleeves. This material gives both men and women a wonderful sensation during penetration. However, silicone requires a minimum of maintenance to protect users from infection.

TPR or thermoplastic rubber is another material used to make penis sleeves. Despite its flexibility, this material is very resistant. TPR penis sleeves fit securely in the vagina, making them suitable for vaginal women. The size and vibration of this sextoy make for an intense orgasm. On the other hand, some penis sleeves are made in the shape of a sheath that is easy to wear and produces good sensations.

There are also penis sleeves made from gelatine. These transparent jelly sex toys offer an exceptional experience for both men and women during coitus because of their transparency. The transparent jelly sleeves also have a bump to produce strong vibrations in the vagina.

Take into account how the penis sleeve works

Generally speaking, penis sleeves have two modes of operation: natural and electrical. In the case of natural penis sleeves, it's up to the man to use it as he feels like it to produce pleasure. It also allows the man to make love full-time without having to use a battery. On the other hand, the battery-operated sleeve produces strong sensations. But if the batteries are weak, pleasure diminishes, which can put a damper on the sexual session.

Consider the brand and price of the sextoy

There are many companies making penis sleeves, but among them there are some with a reputation for quality. These companies can be identified by their brands and the price at which their sextoys are offered. Good-brand sex toys last a long time and provide enough pleasure. Similarly, penis sleeves have an accessory that stimulates the clitoris during penetration, a feature that is highly beneficial to clitoral women.