All you need to know about anejaculation

Among the many sexual problems a man may face is anejaculation. This condition refers to the inability of a man to expel semen despite stimulation and erection of the genitalia. What do we need to know about this sexual problem?

The causes

The causes of anejaculation are not often organic. When they are, they are the result of prostate surgery and can also be of endocrine or hormonal origin to be clearer. Alcohol and antidepressants can also be blamed for this rather abnormal inability to ejaculate despite stimulation of the penis. Following several analyses, it has been shown that in the vast majority of cases, the causes of this condition are psychological.

This can be the result of a mistaken belief about female pleasure that the longer the penetration lasts, the better, or a usually unconscious reluctance to procreate, or a too great control (and therefore a loss of this control) to want to control one's ejaculation at all costs.

The solutions

The best treatment to end the problem of anejaculation is through therapy: either verbal therapy through sex therapy, hypnotism or the transformation of thinking patterns through cognitive behavioral therapy. In any case, while we know a lot about the disorder of premature ejaculation, we don't know enough about the disorder of inability to ejaculate.

However, the treatments offered by sexologists go hand in hand with knowledge. Indeed, anejaculation requires not only a lot of patience, but also motivation since it is a problem that does not currently benefit from many 100% effective treatments. A therapy that combines psychic exploration of beliefs on the one hand and a therapy that helps to let go of control on the other hand would be an excellent treatment for this still unknown condition.