Sex: the top three male anxieties

Sex is supposed to bring pleasure to partners. But under certain conditions, it becomes a subject of shame, frustration and fear. Lack of erection, premature ejaculation and small penis size are some of the issues that make men anxious when it comes to sex. What do these three ailments mean when it comes to sex?

The absence of an erection

If there is no erection, it means there is no penetration. Still called sexual impotence, it is characterized by the temporary or permanent inability to obtain or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. At least one in ten men will experience an absence of erection. It is favored by age, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, prostatectomy, alcohol and tobacco. There are medical treatments to cure it.

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the number one male sexual problem, affecting one in three men. For some therapists, premature ejaculation is said to occur within the first two years after penetration. For others, premature ejaculation occurs when the partner feels that the duration of intercourse was too short. In addition to feeling uncomfortable, the ejaculator makes his partner uncomfortable. For this reason, the patient tends to avoid intercourse. Talking about the disease and doing some exercises helps to gain control of the body.

Small penis size

The issue of penis size has traumatized many people. Many men feel that the size of their resting penis is inadequate compared to that of other men - the locker room syndrome. Teasing and jokes about the size of their sex are the most annoying. Some people agree that the average penis size is 15 centimeters when erect. However, there is no relation between the size of the penis and the pleasure that the partner feels. Today, there are surgical solutions to lengthen the penis and increase its diameter.